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July 27, 2008
Day One - Zero Hour

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Let’s Make It Happen

Day One, Zero Hour

I guess that is a bit presumptuous since I’ve had the domain name now for several months and haven’t gotten off my behind to get something going.

Let’s See What We Can Do Here!

On Sunday July 27th, 2008. I awoke to a house full of family, all of whom were asleep. Quietly,
Let's Go for a Walk and See Where We End Up
I moved into the family room, clicked on the boob tube and settled in for the last day of le Tour 2008, the final stage of this year’s Tour de France. By the time the final laps were being raced, the room had filed with my nieces, nephew, and in-laws. Even our 70+ year old matriarch came in to watch the closing kilometers, in which Gert Steegmans showed his explosive strength.

I love the Tour. The naïve or novice viewer may think a champion is made from pure strength and endurance. But there is much more required to succeed, including strategy and focus. Perhaps the best example of that is when this year’s youngest rider crested the summit of the highest peak in this year’s Tour, which also happens to be the highest through-road in all of Europe, ahead of his break away partners and all of the “legitimate” contenders”, only to shortly thereafter ride straight off the side of the

Ladera Ranch Grand Prix road, flipping over the front wheel and sliding down the side of the mountain head first, face down. (as a side note - he wasn’t seriously hurt) He struggled to first find his footing, then his balance, only then did he look back up toward the road and begin the slippery climb up the mountain face. Within moments, an individual came to his aide and literally pushed his bottom up the slope. Once reaching the road surface, he first watched other cyclists go by, then, through interpreting his hand gestures, he asked his Good Samaritan to go get his bike. I’m guessing by the
shrug of Good Sam’s shoulders, the answer was “Heck No”. (Watch it on YouTube)

Today’s Business Lessons:
Point 1: All the hard work you do to achieve immediate success and notoriety (publicity), can be lost in a fraction of second through inattention.

Point 2: In your time of crisis, struggle or need (You’ll have one), your fans, followers, friends and family will come to your aid. However, their commitment, assistance and love will have their limits. They may risk their neck or nest egg for you, but they likely won’t go as far for an inanimate object of yours that is readily replaceable.

My other note from the Tour:
Each day that Team CSC rider Frank Schleck was in the yellow jersey, I made a point to show my sons how Frank’s younger brother was pulling himself inside out to keep Frank in the yellow jersey as the overall race leader. For the better part of a week, Andy Schleck, who also rides for Team CSC, helped Frank Schleck maintain his lead from the Pyrenees to the Alps. I won’t lie, as I talked about the rarity of having two brothers in the same race, on the same team, the one helping the other, tears would develop.

I also made a point to acknowledge at the end of the race to my boys that much good came from the younger Schleck’s efforts. Although older brother Frank lost the lead and yellow jersey on the slopes of the L’Alpe d’Huez, Younger Brother rode into Paris in the white jersey, as the Best Young Rider. I can only hope that my boys will work together as well as they grow up and move on through life.

Just a few hours after the finish of the tour, I began my journey home, traveling over the western United States. Flying over places I love, places that inspire me. While I have many favorite locales, I am
particularly fond of Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, I think I have just seen all that I will see of Lake Tahoe this summer, and from an elevation of 33,000 feet. That’s close enough to see Emerald Bay, Carnelian Bay and Sand Harbor Beach – with its golden tan beaches and azure blue waters that are spiked with submerged and semi submerged granite boulders. I wish I could have escaped from my 220 or so traveling companions and dropped out with my mountain bike (and a parachute) and made a run down the Flume Trail. The Flume Trail wasn’t visible from my elevation, but all I had to do
Lake Tahoe's Sand Harbor from the Flume Trail
is close my eyes and I could see it clearly again. Sometimes that’s the best way to see things – imagine – remember.

Alas, that’s neither where I am headed, nor where this website headed.

This website will start off simply as a collection of my reflections as I “begin” “working” on my other sites. You see, it seems that I have become a collector of ideas. And after great procrastination, I am determined to move forward with some of these ideas. My idea for this site is for it to become a gathering place of sorts for good hearted people to share thoughts, advice, and counsel. Ultimately, I hope that it will be a place where readers, visitors or guests can help other people through connections and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. I plan on having a resources page. One of the future plans for this site is to create a list of individuals and businesses that I’ve relied on in the past and am perfectly comfortable recommending. Just as importantly, I’ll make it clear when doing so that they are NOT paid recommendations. I’ll also ask for your advice from time to time. I hope you’ll be there for me.

Let’s see how much we can get done!

Let’s Make It Happen!

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